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Post by kerikhaos » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:23 pm

Hi fellow members,

Many of you keep sending us emails regarding how to get the latest kodi on your older android systems.......well we decided to post on here to offer some clarity on the subject:

Firstly officially kodi says no version 17 on android 4.x devices.....this is hard coded law set in stone. Kodi obviously are being payed by someone who doesnt want this development to continue on older android platforms. The only reason for this is to help sales of newer devices to keep the cat and mouse game active. We see this with microsoft all the time with their ability to cancel support on various hardware devices such as printers to push you to buy every so often new hardware to stay in the game. If you had something old which use to work on windows XP for example like an old printer. If you needed to upgrade your pc or buy another one whcih had a newer operating system installed chances are that printer would not be supported. So if you wanted to print you would need to buy a new printer.....

Same principles here applied. Kodi wants newer android operating systems installed which usually means buying a new android box but this is what we have discovered.

You dont need KODI to enjoy the builds.....

There are KODI alternatives which are floating around which do the same (if not do more) as KODI. There are even rumours suggesting these so called "forks" are even better performing than KODI. We arent so sure but we are willing to post the options that are now available for you to try. All those with version 4 android can go ahead and try these versions and by all means users who just want a change from the standard KODI you are also free to do so.

The more famous builds are known as FTMC and can be found on the freaktab forum and the other build is known as SPMC. Google these 2 forks and links will become available. You can also youtube the same thing and get great demonstration videos showing how and where to get these installed on your systems.

Hope this was helpful for those with older systems. Dont throw them away give new life to your old android devices.

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