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Post by kerikhaos » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:53 pm

Hi everyone.

Just a wee bit longer before the final version of KODI v18 is released to the world and we cant wait .... its promising to be full of tweaks and features which hopefully will enhance our kodi experience to a new level.

We have been getting ready for this release and have already applied successful beta builds for testing and we are very happy with the following results. We shall be definitely one of the first groups to release this new v18 build to the public as soon as we get the final release.

Sadly we will not be able to supply the older v16.x builds anymore as it takes time effort to force continued support on a platform which already many addon developers are dropping out of. Eventually our build will only support v17.x and the upcoming v18 which should be released very soon. Again a quick note that android devices which are currently still on 4.4.x will not be able to run anything over kodi 16.x on their platforms unless you use a compatible hacked version or a forked version which understands the addons which expect a higher version kodi to run, you will be forced to upgrade boxes to at least android 6.0 for kodi v18 to work.

Yes we are being forced to spend more money on staying in the game but to be fair these android boxes dont burn a hole in your wallets if you need to spend about 80-100 euros on a new box every 3 or so years. Great value for money especially if you are a kodi user.

Thats all folks.......more updates coming soon on the current builds.....we will still release a few more updates for the v16 kypton base kodi users but then once the final version of kodi is out we are going to drop support completely to focus only on v17 and v18.

Thanks for reading

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