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Post by kerikhaos » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:11 pm


For both kodi Jarvis and Krypton users - download now!

Hi everyone, apologies again for zero activity on here and in the forum. Things are very busy still and we are trying to complete several things all at once.

This is a major update as i will explain below.

As many of you already know kodi has had some of its biggest addon developers close the door for good after so many years of providing various services to kodi and surely we are all very sorry to see them go. Mainly developers who have had something to do with providing LIVE TV streaming have been suspiciously hanging there gloves out to dry all of a suddent which leands me to suspect that maybe a bigger force is out there online threatening these developers to cut these services once and for all.....who knows....

Anyways this result has left kodi with multiple dead or drifting addons in to the internet abyss we have had to strip down a lot of content shrinking kodi to much smaller build of tricks. This is a good things for 2 reasons....First a smaller download wait time for all users accross the globe to install on their version of kodi. Second the builds are now far more responsive and reliable since many possible removed addons were causing unnecessary weight and lagging.

We hope you enjoy this latest build, grab it today but dont forget to select the correct version for your kodi. Installing the wrong one will cause issues.

A big thanks to the developers who will no longer be supporting any further kodi addons. We enjoyed using your features and hope the future brings you all the best.

The Vectordroid team

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