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Post by kerikhaos » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I know we have not been active in the last week on forum but thats we have been working hard on clean building our builds for both 16.x and 17.x versions of kodi. Among other projects we have got on the go finding the time to post more often is getting harder.

Ok on with the news......we have managed to find and cleanup loads of bugs and script errors which were present in the last version build we had on our vectordroid cloud. Anyone who downloaded the build version over a couple of weeks ago would of been face to face with a number of bugs causing kodi to become unstable and even non responsive. We tracked down a few rogue script addons which were interefering with the entire build and we ended up just removing them.

We also noticed that the new addon "bubbles" seems to be now only compatible with kodi v17 as an important script which is needed does not exist on version 16.x and results in an error regarding dependencies. We tried patching this and hacking it a bit to get it to force work but the errors keep coming up so we decided if you want to watch reliable the "bubbles" addon you must have android 5.x as a minimum android operating system to install kodi v17 (krypton). v16.x kodi owners sorry but we no longer include this addon in this build.

Moving along with our news regarding the update - we have fixed most if not all bugs currently reported and made these new builds available for download in the wizard.

A new update will follow in the next few days also since a huge influx of addon updates became available and to save you time with these huge addon updates we will have tem included in our current build. Kind of like a service pack if you will for the current builds.

Well thats it - enjoy the new build and remember to spread the word - the vectordroid word !!!!

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