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Post by kerikhaos » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:27 am

Hi everyone,

Not going to make this a full blown "blow your own trumpet" kind of post but we are happy to announce that our wizard addon has been auto updated and now gives you the opportunity to select which kodi you wish to use our build for. We now support fully version 16.x (Jarvis) and the newer 17.0 (Krypton) but we have dropped support for version 15.x (Helix) as we don't have the resources nor the time to keep this alive too.

As some of you already know since the final release of kodi 17 the team decided that 3rd party addons would not automatically be detected and made available. This has obviously something to do with pirate addons which effect the legal effects of kodi blah blah I guess the team needed to put a security barrier of some sort in some way. We already made the change over and needed to do some very heavy alterations to enable of previous build to be accepted to the newer kodi platform but we finally got there.

If for some reason your boxes do not quit (or request a manual power cycle) then please go the system and then skin settings and change the theme skin to our VECTORSKIN theme which should bring you the interface you are suppose to be using instead of the default one.

Any problems let us know but so far we have tested and passed the stress test for each kodi install.

Enjoy everyone and remember to let us know if you get any issues so we can fix them in our next build.

Thanks for supporting us

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