KODI - Making the shift to KRYPTON

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KODI - Making the shift to KRYPTON

Post by kerikhaos » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:19 pm

Hi everyone.....

Apologies for being quiet over the xmas period but as many of you already know we have been busy with our top secret project (well not that secret) making our hyper jump from Jarvis - kodi v16 to Krypton - kodi v17.

We have been busy testing and reprogramming things in the new kodi so we would be one of the very first groups to have a working ultimate kodi build for the latest kodi release. We are happy to say that we have finally released our newest build for the Krypton users. We will introduce this downloadable build via our wizard addon which you will be able to quite simply select which kodi build you are using. Once the download completes the vectordroid build should take over and provide you with yet again the ultimate kodi experience currently available on the web.

There is however good and bad news to this announcement:

Firstly the good news is that we will support both kodi builds for the next few months before making the complete singular jump to Krypton only future builds (with the exceptional bonus builds for the older platforms every so often). Simply we will be releasing fewer and fewer updates for the older kodi versions until we completely convert to Krypton and the newer version 18. Version 18 will begin its alpha releases very soon so standby for updates with that here at vectordroid.

Bad news is that many of you may still be on android version 4.4 or lower still. Kodi version 16 works flawlessly on this platform as we have been demonstrating in the past with our kodi builds but that is about to end with version 17 krypton. This kodi version demands no less than android version 5 and will not work cleanly on KitKat android or lower. We say "cleanly" as we may see via some hacks a cooked krypton build which will allow an unauthorized installation on android KitKat or maybe lower. We will have to wait and see as right now its just rumors.

Our advise to users out there which are thinking to buy an android box make sure you buy one which has minimum android 5.1 or the newer ones which have the newer s905x chip which run the newer version 6 android. Of course version 6 android will be more future proof for later kodi versions but stay away from anything 4.4 and below.

Hope this info is helpful to you and please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the above statements. In the meantime enjoy our kodi builds.....


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