KODI - When installing KODI over another KODI installation

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KODI - When installing KODI over another KODI installation

Post by kerikhaos » Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:14 am

Hi everyone,

i have been getting quite a few emails about problems when trying to upgrade your kodi installations with newer versions and getting an error message.

This is because the installation is either stuck in memory and cant dismount for the upgrade to happen or you have files which are wanting to be written over others and you don't have the permission to do so.

The safest method requires a bit of work should you choose not to lose your current KODI settings and addons so i will try and explain as simply as possible how you would do this.....

1. You will need a pretty good file explorer program (i always use ES FILE Explorer - you get it directly from the PLAY store)

2. once installed - open the file explorer and navigate to this directory : android / data

3. look for a folder called kodi.xbmc.org - hold down a while on the ok button (remote) to get a check box menu come up. Tick the folder and select to rename. Just add something to the end of kodi.xbmc.org (eq kodi.xbmc.org2)

4. go to settings then apps......find KODI in the list and select to uninstall.

5. download and re-install the new kodi either from their website or from a downloaded usb apk. Make sure the android version you download is the ARM version and not the x86

6. before you open kodi go back to the file explorer and find the folder you renamed in step 3. Rename it back to kodi.xbmc.org by doing the same process. If your data files are all intact and there is no problems with the kodi installation you had before when you run the new KODI for the first time it should go straight into your original configured version with all your addons and settings as before.

7. go check for additional updates and your complete them. You are good to go

Let us know your results


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