Hi - very nice site

Introduce yourselves here and detail which entertainment tv boxes you own
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Hi - very nice site

Post by eniac » Thu May 04, 2017 4:31 pm


Thanks for letting me join. I have seen you support many types of android box and it's clear you are properly informed with the hardware. Its hard to find good support these days. Once a seller usually sells you a box they usually don't respond back with anything useful to help the problem you are facing. As if they become deaf, dumb and blind after they sell something to you. It's happened to me in the past and I'm very reluctant to buy another box since they don't seem to last long. Cheap prices usually give away that the quality is never what it claims to be.

What box would you recommend to me if I was to buy one and what would be the advantage of you being my supplier for this device?

Apologies if I sound like I'm on the offensive. I have just had bad luck with these things and am ready to throw in the towel.

Hope to hear from you soon

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D Marcus

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Re: Hi - very nice site

Post by kerikhaos » Mon May 08, 2017 9:16 pm

wellcome eniac, again apologies for the long delay.....we are all over the place with various projects and repair work hence the lack of forum activity on our behalf. Hopefully we will organise our lives a bit and spend a bit more time on our forum we have started neglecting recently.

Ok so in regard with what you have stated....i totally agree. In todays market buying a simple straight forward device is not as easy as it use to be. Reverse engineering has opened many portals to clone devices and even clone of clone devices. We have managed to grab a box which was so many times "reverse engineered" it was literately amazing it actually turned on.....

So how do we spot a clone? well we dont. Not at first glimpses anyways. Most boxes now are all dressed up with the traditional genuine looking shell and given sometimes even the same name to confuse buyers. Even when powering them on and using them a user will not recognise if the box is a clone or not as these are getting better and closer looking to the real thing.....but with a huge difference in price. They are very cheap.

Its a long time ago now where sellers could ask up to $150 for a single box which did the miracle of bring smart android service to our non smart tvs. Even then spending $150 wasnt a lot of money for the features you would gain for a tv. Now boxes could sell as little $30.....they claim they do the same stuff and they claim to the same as the expensive ones but beware....this is never the case. Without going too much in to details regarding this whole topic, boxes that look the same on the outside are not the same inside. We start off with the genuine original which is around 30% cheaper....think you got a deal? wrong....these boxes are the same hardware with a major problem. The NAND chips are defective and contain bad blocks (like a bad hard drive which is on its way out - operation wise) and its also possible the NAND modules are used with poor / low performance ratings (resulting in slower transfers and choppy operation). This will last a while but its only a matter of time before you get a corrupted NAND which means hard brick and unable to recover. If you buy one of these its also a fat chance your chinese supploier has provided you with a recovery file as he knows only too well its pointless you trying to flash yourself. This faulty chips are flashed with a special nand programmer before being soldered on the hardware which means attempts to flash this with upgraded firmware or recovery firmware will just result in wasting your precious time.

The clones are a bit more straight forward. The chinese look at what has been around already, take the production parts cost and replace what they can from the original with even cheaper parts. This results in a cheaper box which does the same job. Same performance though? Not in a million years. There are many chips and many chipsets. Cheaper boxes means cheaper configurations which again more than leads to a badly made box which sells just because of price instead of its spec list. Today, all boxes have 4k, all boxes are full hd, all boxes have this and that....its a standard and not expensive. Whats expensve is the CPU used and the type of DDR ram and the type of NAND storage chip used. Play with these and replace for cheaper will result in a box almost 70% cheaper than an original. But will they last? yes and no......cheap doesnt mean they will explode or stop working but they wont have the power to run high performing apps like KODI and chances are the low android version installed on their will tell you one day your kodi is no longer supported please revery back to an older kodi version which has been abandoned for a good while. You end up with useless peice of kit which isnt good for the main things it was designed to do. The rest will just develope bricks from various reasons, non worth your time to try and fix or replace.

I understand you have been stung with a device which was not what you were expecting but this is the difference with us. We offer a massive support ring to our customers and stand by our products. We test everyting before we make it available to sell or to download knowing before hand we are about quality and not quantity. We only select 2 devices per year from a massive selection of items. We always have available a super power model and mid ranged model. This suites all our customers pockets but we know both will do the job. Any problems we fix remotely or we accept boxes to e sent back for either repair or replacement. This is how we work and this is what made us our name.

At this moment in time our flagship model is the genuine T95R PRO which runs the best amlogic 64bit available the S912. It comes with a big DDR3 2GB memory set with a standard 8gb NAND storage block.

The mid range box is the MXQ PRO, running a slightly less powerful ROCKCHIP series CPU with 1gb ram and again the 8gb storage. Both boxes are full HD and 4k ready

If you would like any further info on purchasing sometime you like from our products range please email me and i will send you the details you need

Thanks again for posting

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