new h96 pro complete backup.

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new h96 pro complete backup.

Post by mbwdekeijzer » Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:43 pm


first of all happy Christmas.
I bought me a new box the h96 pro but after bricking up two boxes i want to play safe.

Is it possible to make an image of my whole box that i can use in the recovery menu to install from sd if it is needed.
So i think it must be a zip file on the end.
I want to make a complete backup how my box is new including android apps and kodi.


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Re: new h96 pro complete backup.

Post by kerikhaos » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:57 pm

merry xmas to you also.....

these boxes are not in our support service but I can tell you to do what you want you will need to at least root the box and flash a custom recovery on there like the ones they use over at the XDA forums for android mobile phones. This will allow you to do far more recoveries with the rom you have on their. What you want is a nand dump. But again just to attempt this on your new box is risky as it is for bricking it.

Play it safe and demand a backup rom from supplier you bought it from if he will give it. Beware of files which are dummies as they tend to send you rubbish junk files just to give you a false sense of security when the time comes to reflash.

With these boxes stay on the current firmware and just use the built in services provided. You don't want to risk bricking these as well.

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